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The SG Companies
Senior Leadership Team

The SG Companies Leadership Team is committed to success through dedication and adherence to our Core Values – Honor, Excellence, Accountability, Responsiveness and Teamwork.

Martha King


Matt Feiner

President & CEO

Paul Kingslow


Bob Reilly


Brian Campbell

EVP, Digital Strategy & Operations

Regine Bullard

VP, Sales

Kristy Yvars

VP, Licensing & Marketing

Tom Zito

VP, Creative Strategy

Jeffrey Lu

VP, Global Sourcing

Joanne Banfi

VP, Design

What makes SG unique?

It’s a simple philosophy. And it is what our partners love about us! We call it…


As in know how! We leverage our scale and extensive market experience to help you achieve your goals.


As in respond now! We respond at once to trends, consumer insights and significant opportunities.


As in we delight our partners with Best-in-Class design and “plus-one” philosophy.

SG companies

Our process


Creativity and outstanding design have long been core strengths for the SG Companies. Our talented Design Team strives to capture the essence of each brand by bringing its most relevant DNA to life via the unique design of each product. Our Team has a wide range of experience designing both licensed and private brands for footwear, apparel and sleepwear.


The SG Companies extensive portfolio is comprised of national brands and entertainment properties. Our Licensing team cultivates solid relationships with all of our brand and property partners. This Team maintains all licensed digital assets while managing product approvals and compliance guidelines. They also handle all social media initiatives across various owned and licensed platforms.


Our Sales Team takes a more progressive approach to a traditional discipline. The old ‘ABC’s of Selling’ (Always Be Closing) have been replaced by the new ABC’s (Alignment, Buoyancy and Clarity). They ask pertinent questions and take the time to understand their customers’ needs with the goal to create customized product solutions.


From factory floor to your door. We leverage our global operations network to deliver your goods where you want them, when you want them, and how you want them. With Sourcing offices in Hong Kong and China along with dedicated warehouse space in CA, we are well equipped to take on any size program.


Over the past 35 years, The SG Companies has developed an extensive sourcing network throughout Asia. Our diverse factory base provides high quality product to a wide range of customers. SG’s Quality Control Team works tirelessly to meet all necessary compliance and safety requirements that our Brands, Licenses and Retail partners demand.


E-Commerce continues on an explosive growth trajectory for the foreseeable future. As a result, it remains a top strategic priority at SG. We have plans to augment our e-comm capabilities by continued investment in the ever-evolving technology to drive business across multiple customers, channels, platforms, marketplaces, licenses and brands.

Our process